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It’s Frustrating When Your Students Fail to Thrive

Time to stop questioning your methods and start inspiring your students instead

When you find yourself out of ideas because you are constantly asking emotionally unsettled, stressed or hard to engage students to be quiet, it’s easy to think about leaving the classroom because it’s all too much. Without a plan and without support, this lack of respect can and often does lead to stress, frustration, confusion, anger, overwhelm, and shame. Now add in the fact that you are probably lacking resources and everything gets amplified.

I know because I’ve been there. I went from thinking I was going to love my teaching job forever to having more questions than answers and feeling that this job was impossible to do well. Even though I gave it my all, it never felt good enough. I could feel burnout creeping in. I began to wonder if it was even possible to do it differently.

So I dug in and figured out a better way. I started applying principles of educational psychology, critical pedagogy, and culturally responsive pedagogy to my work. And things started turning around.

Your path to creating an inclusive and engaging space for student expression...

When I got my dream job teaching elementary band, I thought I was ready. Fresh out of college, I thought I knew all the best instructional methods, rehearsal techniques, and classroom management tips. It was time to make some music, right?
Wrong. I quickly discovered that all that work I did in college only prepared me for about 30% of my actual job.

I lost sleep over every student who quit, committed cultural snafus with my immigrant students, and was often ignored and forgotten by other faculty members. I tried to engage students with the materials I was given in college, but I only seemed to excite the kids who were just like me. I wanted to build a program that thrilled every student and brought out the best in them, but I was at a loss as to how to make it happen. I didn’t feel like I was making any impact. So, like a lot of arts teachers, I tried this or that, I bought some new materials that seemed interesting, I shoe-horned in some pop culture. It barely made a blip on the radar. I was lost.

Working with a nonprofit that brought music education to dozens of public schools, I came up against the same problems: recruitment, retention, disinterested students, and lackluster outcomes. I knew there had to be a better way. It was when I slowed down enough to take a good look at my work– my responsibilities, my values, and my intent– that things started to change.

No matter how frustrated and anxious you feel in the classroom, you can get back to joyful teaching and learning. If you don’t get an honest look at what, who, and how you’re teaching, you won’t know how to get to that place where teaching flows easily.

I’ve developed a fully-customized consulting program that takes any arts department from “huh?” to “ah-ha!” in one school year.

Picture this…

Imagine waking up, thrilled to go to work as an arts educator. Imagine flow in your classroom, happiness on your students’ faces, and true expression and appreciation everywhere you look. It’s possible. You can make that happen. All it requires is taking the right steps. And I’m here to show you exactly what they are.


Create a space of joyful learning where students ask for more


Where your community gets the importance of the arts


Students exit your program connected to their own creativity

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