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We’ve got great programs... Why doesn’t anyone want them?

Time to stop hoping it will get better and take action

Managing education programs can be absolutely dizzying. The politics, logistics, funding, teacher turnover issues, paperwork… it’s enough to make you wonder if it’s even worth it. 

Add in the fact that your organization barely has the capacity and funding to maintain the status quo, and it’s no wonder that you struggle to grow your ed department. 

I know because I’ve been there. I went from thinking it was going to be easy-peasy to get and maintain school contracts to losing sleep over it. Every time I thought I had solved a problem, a whole new crop showed up. I began to wonder if it was even possible to do it differently.

So I dug in and figured out a better way. As I learned more about the power of data, marketing, and training teaching artists… things started turning around. 

Your path to simplified education program management

When I first started managing education programs in a non-profit, I thought I had it in the bag. After all, I had just been a school music teacher and I knew how schools work! It was just going to be as simple as asking schools if they wanted our very cool music education program in their school, right? So, so very wrong…

I lost sleep over every “no” I got from schools, and majorly stressed over all the ignored emails I sent out. The programs we did have were out of control– everything we had promised the schools seemed to either not be happening or was just a mystery. I thought I was going to be spreading the joy of music education across so many schools and with so many students… but I didn’t feel like I was making any impact. 

It was a whole other nightmare when it was time to write grants or reports. Did I have data to back up what we had promised the funder? Umm… uh-oh. Let’s fudge the numbers. Could I tell this donor more about the amazing transformations that our students were experiencing in our schools? Well… I can tell them what I think we’re trying to do…

None of that was working. I knew there had to be a better way. It was when I started to get serious about collecting and using data and making it relatable for each stakeholder that things started to change.  

No matter how frustrated and anxious you feel about your school programs, you can get reconnected to your organization’s mission and make it come to life– not just say that you are, but really do it. 

I’ve developed a fully-customizable consulting program that takes your school programming from “argh!!!” to “ah-ha!”

Can I really invest our time and money on this?

I get it– the budget is tight, the schedule is even tighter, and there are never enough hands to help. How can you make time and find the money to bring in outside help? 

The better question is: Can you really afford to keep going like you are now?

This is how I make it easy for you: 

  • Grant writing support
  • Sliding scale rates based on your annual operating budget
  • Opportunities for small organizations (under $300K) to learn more cost-efficiently in cohort-style learning. 



Stop wasting time on preventable issues


Get the data and messaging your funders want to see


Streamline operations so you have more time to think about your future

  • Evaluation plans and systems
  • Data-fueled messaging
  • Grant writing support
  • Operations overhauls and streamlining
  • Teaching artist training programs
  • Program design
  • Curriculum design
  • Teaching artist observations
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Evaluation tool creation
  • One-off teaching artist trainings
  • Capacity/operations trainings

Let's Get Started

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