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Life as a school music teacher is a world of conflicting feelings: So fun, yet so hard. So busy, but so isolated. So fulfilling, and yet, so frustrating. Without a clear vision of your music program’s value and impact, you’re wondering… what am I really doing here?

Music educator and non-profit leader Allison Russo is your guiding light through Planning on Purpose: Creating a Values-Based Music Program. Never forgetting the reality of being a human who teaches music in schools, Allison helps music teachers plot their unique course toward a values-driven music program that truly serves all students with equity and enthusiasm.

Way more than just a book, “Planning on Purpose” is a groundbreaking methodology for establishing or renewing school music programming that is rooted in connection, values, and equity. 

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"Relatable, understanding, and thorough; this book will make every K-12 music educator feel 'seen'! If you tend to 'reinvent the wheel' each school year, this book will transform your program for the better, with Russo guiding you every step of the way."
Music Teacher from NY

Step-by-step process to transform your program from the ground up

The never-ending cycle of hoping things will improve, relying on others to keep their promises, and aimlessly trying “something else” stops here. 

Imagine you are trying to assemble a 1000-piece puzzle (already a difficult task), but you don’t have the final image to use for reference. 

Where do you even start?

Oh, and every 10 minutes, someone pushes all your puzzle pieces off the table. 

This is what it is like to try to plan for the future of a music program while running said music program without a plan in place. 

“Planning on Purpose” slows you down enough to take a good look around, figure out the root causes of all the issues that keep you up at night, and make an actionable plan to bring your dream music program to life. 

"'Planning on Purpose' is a must-read for any music teacher. Allison walks you through a thorough and accessible process so you will feel confident in creating inclusive music programs that are ethically sound for all students."
Jen Rafferty
Founder of Empowered Educator

From "huh?" to "ah-ha!" in one school year

Any school music teacher– from first year to veteran– can benefit from “Planning on Purpose.” There is no magic wand to wave; this process takes time. But along the way, you will learn so much about your community, your purpose and values, and yourself. 

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