"Planning on Purpose" is even better together.

If you’re tired of slapping together your curriculum from day to day, or getting lukewarm results when you’re really giving it your all… 

It’s time to stop vamping and take charge of your music program’s legacy. 

You just want your program to be the best it can be... but you're EXHAUSTED

Maybe you’ve tried to redesign or refresh your program on your own, but you’ve fizzled out after the going got tough.

I hear you– “Planning on Purpose” is a BIG project. Don’t go it alone.

You need plenty of support– technical, musical, pedagogical, emotional! Stop pretending you can do everything on your own! There’s no trophy for being the “Most Tired Teacher!

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Pacing Groups are here for you to...

Stay on Track

Life finds a way... of getting in the way. With your pacing group, you'll stay on schedule and start implementing changes right away.

Find Your Tribe

Music is a social art form; so should music teaching. With the support of your pacing group, you'll see problems in a new light, find creative solutions, and make new friends from around the country.

Get Expert Advice

Your guide through "Planning on Purpose", educator & consultant Allison Russo, is with you every step of the way. With monthly group meetings, email support, and individual coaching, your every question will be answered.

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It felt like gaining an additional mentor and having a light to guide the crazy path music educators face.  “Planning on Purpose” showcases some areas that need a bit more love and appreciation to keep a well-rounded focus on the program as a whole.
Elliot; Music Teacher from IN
Relatable, understanding, and thorough; this book will make every K-12 music educator feel “seen”! If you tend to “reinvent the wheel” each school year, this book will transform your program for the better, with Russo guiding you every step of the way.
Kaitlyn; Music Teacher from NY
trumpt being played in an orchestra

Do what actually works for YOU and your community.

Being a music teacher is hard. It’s fun; but it’s hard. 

Slow down, find your people, write your new path– make it real.

Your time is precious-- let's work together with intention.

Monthly Group Meetings

Connect, share, and commiserate with your fellow Pacing Group members. We're all in the same boat-- refreshing and renewing our music programs. Bounce ideas off each other, ask for advice, and keep each other accountable.

Exclusive deluxe edition of "Planning on Purpose"

Follow along the process with a lay-flat deluxe edition of "Planning on Purpose." You won't lose a thing when it's all in one gorgeous, full-color, spiral bound workbook.

Don't wonder; ask!

Pacing Group members have full email support from Allison, plus 60 minutes one-on-one for data analysis support or any other coaching you need. You'll also have lifetime access to ongoing support from your pacing group and other cohorts as well. You'll never wonder what to do next!

Three Start Dates

Can’t possibly take on anything else during marching season? I got you. Working around a spring musical? Can do. There are three start dates throughout the year that can fit around your schedule.

Upcoming Important Dates

  • June 16th: Fall registration opens 
  • July 26th: Early bird registration closes (2 additional coaching hours) 
  • August 16th: Registration closes
  • November TBD: Registration opens for Winter start

Get on the waitlist

Registration for the April Pacing Group will open on March 27th

All This for One Simple Price

One payment for the entire run of the pacing group
$ 490
Full session run
  • 7 Monthly meetings with your new teacher besties
  • Deluxe lay-flat edition of "Planning on Purpose"
  • Email support from Allison along the way
  • One-on-one coaching with Allison (early birds get additional 2 hours)
  • Lifetime access to group support

Need to know a little more? FAQ:

  • What is the time commitment?
    • Pacing groups will follow the same work pace as I recommend in the book: about 45 minutes per week. Each group will meet for a 60-minute Zoom session once per month for 7 months (except for the accelerated Spring group, which is once per month April-June and twice per month in July and August). You’ll also get 60 minutes one-on-one to use with Allison for data analysis support or anything else you want during the course of the group’s run. 
  • What if I can’t make the monthly meeting?
    • Music teachers’ schedules are wild! So, we will as a group decide when to meet each month. But— if there is ever a time you can’t make the meeting, you’ll be able to watch a recording at your leisure. You’ll also have full email support from me throughout the process, so if you need a question answered, I’m there for you!
  • Can another faculty member from my music team do this with me?
    • “Planning on Purpose” and the pacing groups are best set up for refreshing one program, rather than coordinating between different programs within a district. So, if you have a co-teacher or another music teacher in your building who you couldn’t refresh your program without– then absolutely, you should do this together! If you want to do the “Planning on Purpose” process with your whole district or portion of your music team (all the orchestra teachers, for example), then contact Allison for consulting options. 
  • What is the financial commitment?
    • A seat in a “Planning on Purpose” Pacing Group is valued at close to $700. But! Your time and your money are at a premium, I know. For the 7 months of your Pacing Group run, you’ll pay just $490. That’s 30% off the value of this transformation for you and your music program.
  • How do I convince my school to pay for it?
    • Remind your administrator how much it costs to provide PD, send teachers to conferences, etc and how little they get in return. But with this group, you’ll have a fully-developed values statement, ethical program design, and strategic plan for the next three years… for less than a PD session or most conferences. It’s worth every penny. Once they’re ready to send a PO, email Allison at allison@thecriticalgood.com to get set up. 
  • Can I pay in smaller portions?
    • Like I always say, let’s do what works for you! Email Allison at allison@thecriticalgood.com to work something out. 
  • What is the refund policy?
    • Life happens. So, if you pay for a membership to a Pacing Group but things change are you aren’t able to participate, you are welcome to a full refund before the start of the Pacing Group. After the Pacing Group begins, if you aren’t able to complete the run, you can transfer your membership to another Pacing Group with no additional cost. 
  • Is there any way to get that sexy deluxe edition of “Planning on Purpose” without doing a pacing group?
    • Sorry, love! That perk is exclusive to the Pacing Groups. 
  • I’m still not sure, how can I learn more?
    • You can always email me at allison@thecriticalgood.com or grab a few minutes with me by getting on my schedule below.

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