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The Arts Teacher Woes

Can You Relate to These Common Struggles?


Are you questioning your methods or strategies in the classroom?


Feeling exhausted from giving your all while students give minimal effort?


Thinking about leaving the classroom because it’s all too much?

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Approach Diversity in the Arts with Confidence

Allison Russo, B.M., M.M., Arts Education Consultant

Being an arts teacher is getting harder and harder. We know that teaching students to express themselves creatively is crucial to being a successful adult, but no one else seems to care. Feeling constantly disrespected by students, families, and even coworkers can leave you daydreaming about throwing in the towel. I know because I’ve been there–feeling so defeated and exhausted–and like I have gone through all of my resources.

It is unfair that we give our all but it never feels good enough. But it doesn’t have to stay this way. I’ve developed an approach that helps teachers and administrators make their arts classrooms go from taking a toll on the teachers to creating safe, inclusive way for all students to express themselves.

Signature Coaching Program

Equitable & Engaging Arts

Equitable & Engaging Arts is my consulting program, designed for frustrated administrators and teachers looking to ignite creativity and create meaningful connections in their arts students. You’ll get the exact guidance you need to conquer your students’ “I don’t care” attitude and stop the rotating door of methods or strategies in the classroom. We’ll work together so you can stop struggling to advocate for the importance of the arts and finally create an inclusive and engaging program for all arts students.

How Does It Work?

Three Steps to Help Your Art Students Thrive


To get started now, click below to book your free diversity & inclusion arts audit


As a client, we’ll craft a complete inclusivity & engagement integrated arts plan


I’ll help you find funding & be there every step of the way as you implement your plan

Free Arts Program Health Assessment

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